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Trusted and True


was formed in May 22nd 2013 in responded to the industry calls for products that can Guarantee Reliability and Quality Finishes but not at any cost.

UROMIX is a Technology & Customers Service driven organization, hence, they stick very high emphasis on MT RID (Management Technology, Research Innovation and Development) and Customers’ Care.
The first UROMIXTM product was developed as the consequent of 5 years of intensive field research and development carried out in consultation with our Clients, Principal Suppliers and Independent Professional Laboratories. The early projects were led by our two pioneer Directors, Mr. C F Wai and Mr. F S Wong.
Both gentlemen have some 50 plus years of combined experience serving the Building and Construction industries in the mother land Malaysia as well as overseas. Exclaimed Mr. Wai, "The Building and Construction Industries have grown in leaps & bounds and with sophistication since the globalization”. "In Japan where strict compliance to the Environment had also pushed the bar further up” said Mr. Wong who spent several years in Japan working in the Building and Construction industries.
We believe and supported this "GREEN REVOLUTION” as saving the Environment ultimately sustaining this living earth for our next generation to come…

UROMIX: Brands We Carry
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