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This week was the final week for obtaining your free copy of the new format. If you are a subscriber to the MicroStrategy Broker Platform by setting up an account for your computer, the broker will then automatically download and install the updates for you. If you do not have the Broker Platform set up on your computer, follow these steps to download the new format: Add the broker to your web browser and click the Install button. In the message box that appears, confirm the download and install of the new format. Once the updates are downloaded and installed, you will need to run the Broker Platform program and log into your MicroStrategy account to get started. MicroStrategy Q2 2013 NEW! Introducing the MicroStrategy Application Builder By Q2 2013, we’ve added the Application Builder to MicroStrategy. The Application Builder gives you the ability to quickly create stand-alone, reusable MicroStrategy business applications that are fully integrated with the MicroStrategy platform. We’ve been working on the Application Builder for a few months now and it’s designed to make it easier for you to leverage the microstrategy platform by allowing you to more quickly create and deploy stand-alone business applications. The Application Builder works as an easy to use application platform. You can leverage pre-built modules or create your own custom applications by leveraging the module based application structure. You can then publish the application directly to your MicroStrategy platform or you can export the application to a number of different formats. We’ve also introduced the Application Builder in the MicroStrategy app marketplace. As you may have guessed, the Application Builder is a modular application platform. Each application has a number of different components such as forms, reports, and other user interface elements. Applications are built out of a set of modules and those modules are built using the Application Builder. The Application Builder also supports both parallel and embedded user interface design. One way of looking at the embedded user interface is as a web browser window that is part of a user interface component that you can embed in a MicroStrategy page. Embedded user interfaces can be used with web services and other custom web services. The other way of looking at it is that the embedded user interface can be treated like a standalone MicroStrategy application and the components are designed to be embedded into your MicroStrategy applications using the Application Builder. Here are a few of the




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Ofrm Geotrade 2013 Q2 Torrent

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