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Trusted and True

SANPNT was founded in 1985 in Taiwan, China. After 35 years of development, the brand has
expanded from the field of kitchen appliances to many fields such as small household
appliances, cabinets and wardrobes. Product development, manufacturing and marketing
base. Professionalism creates a brand and intelligently generates revenue in the future.
SANPNT has always used this as a spur to strictly discipline itself.
Since the establishment of SANPNT Home Furnishing, relying on the Taiwanese wardrobe
culture that has been soaked in Chinese and Western culture for more than 50 years and
SANPNT's 35 years of manufacturing technology experience, it has innovated and developed
the stove cabinet gas leak alarm control system and the water basin cabinet automatic
s sterilization Control system, intelligent control and
exchange system of air humidity in wardrobe,etc.
20 More than one patent, opened a new era of
C Chinese technology kitchens and smart wardrobes

SANPNT: Brands We Carry
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